Meet farm animals in Devon

Getting up close with lambs, stroking a pig, cuddling a kid goat, feeding a llama…when you are living in the middle of a city, far away from the countryside, these can feel like an idyllic dream!
But not so when you visit North Devon! Surrounded by working farms with fields filled with sheep and cows, there’s a hidden gem that’s called The Big Sheep! This working farm is a super tourist attraction in North Devon that’s fun for all of the family. Lambs are born throughout the year and there’s a never-ending supply of puppies to cuddle. Their gigantic barn is filled with farm animals ready to meet you.

Goats clambering over their assault course, pigs that love to say hello, sheep that love to race, lambs ready to be fed, puppies wanting cuddles, ducklings, chicks and guinea pigs, all waiting under cover, to say hello. Plus, you can buy food and feed the greedy sheep.

There’s also a farm trail that you can walk along to say hello to the alpacas and llamas as well as the farm’s working animals.

And it’s not just all about the animals.

There are roller coasters, rides, displays and events throughout the day to keep everyone entertained.

Get up close with the animals and reconnect with nature at The Big Sheep.