The Big Sheep Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun

BIG laughs, BIG excitement and BIG smiles are happening at our Outdoor Fun area for kids!

Experience bouncing across our multi coloured giant jumping pillows! How high can you go?

Enjoy the outdoor activities, perfect for your big and little adventurers, and a sandpit for the younger members of your family!

Giant Jumping Pillows

Children having fun on the jumping pillows
Mother & daughter having fun on the Giant Pillows

Fly into the air on our Jumping Pillows!

Perfect for all the family to bounce on, great outside activities and fun for everyone!

Enjoy the sunshine with our wooden play area and  picnic at our special seated area with stunning views. Please feel free to bring your own food or you can enjoy a variety of dishes from our food kiosks and cafés. Perfect for the whole family.

Splash Zone

A young lad having fun in the splash zone
Splash Zone

Wondering what your teenager could enjoy?

Prepare for a BIG splash in our Splashzone!

Declare war with our water catapults and see who can throw the most water the furthest!

The wettest person is declared the loser!

It’s the perfect outdoor activity.

A young girl having fun in the splash zone

Go Karts

A young girl having fun on the go-kart track
Go Karts

Put your foot to the metal and speed off in our Go Karts! BIG laughs await as you manoeuvre yourself around our course. Great fun for all the family, especially for the competitive ones.

A young girl smiling on a go-kart

Family Rides

People having fun on The Big Sheep Rampage Rollercoaster
Children enjoying the Twister Ride
Children having fun on a Swan Pedalo

Big adventures are happening on our Family Rides with big smiles for all the family. Experience the thrill of the ride and flying through the air on the Twister or relax on the Swan Pedalos or Tractor Ride.

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Three lads having fun on The Big Sheep Battlefield

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