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Live Shows

BIG love, BIG laughs and BIG learning is all happening at our fantastic live shows! you can experience life on a Devon farm with our milking show, or maybe watch the shearing. And enjoy BIG laughs with our duck trials and sheep racing, our most popular live show! And, our seasonal event where you can join in… lamb feeding!



One of our most popular shows, place a bet and watch our six competitors Red Ram, Sheargar, Little Pullover, Golden Fleece, Alderknitty an Woolly Jumper race to the finishing line!

The Big Sheep indoor show area
Hungry Sheep


The Big Sheep indoor show area
A sheep looking at you
The Big Sheep indoor show area with audience

Where: Indoor Show Area

You’ll learn about sheep from around the world at our informative and fun packed sheep live show. Laugh as our rams take to stage each to their own theme tune and enjoy the entertainment as our show team introduces each one and tells you all about each breed. Guaranteed laughs for all ages!

After the show make sure you visit our Nursery Barn to see all the animals in their pens.

“Informative & fun packed sheep show Guaranteed laughs for all ages!”

Duck Trials

White Crested Ducks in the duck arena
Sheep Dog sleeping on Duck House
Duck Show

Where: Duck Arena

Where else in Devon could you enjoy the spectacle as our Border Collie dogs put their skills to use and round up our Indian running ducks, putting them through an entertaining obstacle course?

Only at The BIG Sheep and their live shows!

The arena can be found straight outside our EWEtopia Indoor Playground.

Shearing Show

Sheep Shearing Show Fun
Shearing Show Smiles
Children Laughing

Where: Indoor Show Arena

Have you ever seen a shorn sheep shorn? (try saying that five times!)

Our daily sheep live show combines fun and laughter with the traditional and challenging skill of sheep shearing. Our expert shepherds share the secrets of the world’s most versatile fibre, wool, while demonstrating how we shear a sheep and why the sheep need to be sheared.

Why do we shear sheep?

Have you ever wondered why we take all the wool off our sheeps?

Well, all adult sheep are sheared once a year to help them. It allows them to keep cool in summer, helps them avoid fly strike and stops them becoming cast (stuck on their backs). It also stops them from getting caught in brambles and bushes.

So there you go! Now you can tell your friends next time you see a shorn sheep in the field, that it’s for their own good!


Lambing Live

Lambing Live @ The Big Sheep
A lamb being bottle-fed

Where: Nursery Barn

Could you be lucky enough to witness a lambs birth?

Make sure you tune in daily to our lambcam to see our flock grow and you might be able to capture the special moment of birth! Keep your eyes peeled and you might get the chance to name our newborns!

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