The Big Sheep Wooly The Sheep

Woolly The Sheep

Introducing Woolly The Sheep

Woolly The Sheep is our all action hero, he resides here at The Big Sheep and loves nothing more than having fun, laughing and making people happy. He’s super-friendly and is always posing for selfies, he likes to dance and ride the Rampage whenever he can.

Wooly The Sheep Logo
Wooly The Sheep reading a book with a clown
Woolly & Family

Woolly loves to pose with happy people and children

Fun Facts about WoolLy the Sheep

Favourite Country – The Baaaahamas

Favourite Band – Britney Shears

What car does he drive? – A Lamb-orghini

Where does he go to watch funny videos? – Ewe Tube

Find Woolly & Win a Prize

Wooly pose

Where is Woolly? Can you find him at The Big Sheep?

We are offering families a prize of XX for the best selfies with Woolly the Sheep.

Follow the laughter and track him down on our fantastic XX acre site here at The Big Sheep, take a selfie then share and upload it to our Facebook page @thebigsheep for your chance to WIN.

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