The Big Sheep Family Rides

Family Rides

Big Adventures and BIG screams are happening on our exciting rides! Leaving Big Smiles on EVERYONE’s faces! There’s a family ride to suit everyone, from the daredevil to the more timid rider.




North Devon’s biggest, highest and fastest roller coaster!


The twister

Experience the thrill of flying through the air!


Train ride

Jump aboard our train at Eweston Station for a magical family ride!


Swan Lake Pedalos

Explore and enjoy a leisurely pedal in our elegant Swan Pedalos!


Tractor safari

Hop on and look out for all the wildlife on the farm!


Honeypot bears

Little ones and big ones will love spinning with the bears!


swing boats

An all-action ride for kids, swing high and reach for the sky!


piggy-pull-along ride

Hold on kids for some fun and excitement on the Piggy-Pull-Along Ride!

Tractor Ride Big Sheep

Tractor Safari Ride

Like to be in the driving seat? Tour around the track in your own mini-tractor!

Big Sheep Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster

The BIG Sheep is home to North Devon’s biggest, highest and fastest roller coaster. At 400m long and 13m high Rampage* thrills riders with high speed twists, turns and drops. It’s the South West’s LARGEST family ride!

Thrillseekers of all ages will love The Rampage, Devon’s largest roller coaster!  This popular attraction ride has lots of twists and turns, ups and downs, and you even get to go around twice.

Check out the spectacular view of Swan Lake from the top and remember to keep smiling for our coaster camera so you can take the perfect souvenir home with you.

Ramage Rollercoaster

*Children over 90cm in height and over four years old can ride the rollercoaster when accompanied by an adult. We have a no single child rider policy on Rampage, so children aged between seven (or over 1.2 metres tall) and 16 must ride with another child or an adult.


The Twister

Experience the thrill of flying through the air on The Twister. Soar past the trees as you swing past people below!

This kids amusement ride is suitable for all ages however riders must be over 3ft. The ride can be slowed for our younger visitors, just ask the friendly operator who will be happy to run a ‘slow’ ride for your little one. For those that love The Twister you’re sure to love our Giant Jumping Pillows too!

The Twister
Train Ride

Train Ride

There’s a secret train station hidden in Devon. Jump aboard our train at Eweston Station in the Animal Barn for a magical family train ride around Swan Lake!

This is a child’s ride with a difference. Fun for the little ones and relaxing for the older ones. Spot the Animal Barn on your way around the track and keep an eye out for the ducklings and our family of resident geese! Sit back, overlook the lake and wave to the other visitors on the Swan Pedalos.


Swan Lake Pedalos

How many times can you say you rode a swan?

Only in Devon can you take a well earned break and have a leisurely pedal in our elegant Swan Pedalos. Gently move along with our curious ducks and for all the keen gardeners out there, look out for the luscious Lilies, Canadian Pool Weed, Gunnera, Reed Mace or Papyrus. A perfect family ride!

Swan Lake

Tractor safari

Let’s go on a safari but let’s do it Devon style, climb onboard for an exciting trip on the tractor! Great outdoor fun for kids of all ages, and adults who’ve always wondered what it’s like to hop on a tractor.

Take a tour and see all the wildlife on the farm. You won’t spot a lion or a hippo, but you might see our alpacas, llamas, donkeys, and many more!

Tractor Safari
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