Woolly’s Birthday Bash

Woolly's Birthday Bash | The BIG Sheep

Sunday 30th June 2019

Woolly the Sheep celebrates his birthday!!

Excitement is mounting at the BIG Sheep’s award-winning family attraction as staff get ready to plan a huge birthday party for Woolly, the BIG Sheep’s giant mascot on Sunday 30th June.

Woolly will be on walk-about around the park throughout the day and children will be able to have a full day of fun with Woolly so don’t forget to bring a camera and get a birthday photo with the BIG Sheep’s favourite sheep.  At 1pm Woolly will invite everyone to The BIG Sheep’s show arena where he will teach everyone the moves from his own catchy song, ‘Woolly the Sheep’.  This will be followed by a children’s disco and as well as dancing at the disco there will fun games such as musical statues for the children to enjoy.  Children will also be able to help Woolly blow out the candles on his specially made birthday cake.

When Rick Turner, Director of the Flock, found Woolly taking shelter in the animal barn in June 2010, he was already fully grown so no one knows exactly just how old the lovable sheep is so instead his cake will have lots and lots of candles for the children to blow on.

Since his arrival Woolly has entertained the thousands of guests who visit The BIG Sheep each year.  Woolly is probably the most photographed sheep in the world and guests love having their picture taken with him.  Woolly is well known to all the team at the BIG Sheep for being a bit of a prankster – he has played April Fool jokes on visitors and sneaked into Ewetopia, the attractions massive indoor play area to have fun on the slides when no one is watching.  Woolly has at times been known to hide when he is supposed to be presenting the winner’s of the BIG Sheep’s famous Sheep Race at the end of each day.

Colin Harris the BIG Sheep Ride’s Team Supervisor who is best friend with Woolly decided it would be lovely to organise a surprise birthday for his sheep friend and is planning lots of fun games and a disco so all Woolly’s friends can enjoy his birthday party with him.

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