Mind Body and Soul Festival

Mind Body and Soul Festival | The BIG Sheep

27th and 28th April 2019

North Devon’s forth Mind Body and Soul Festival will take place at The BIG Sheep on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April.  With all the pressures of modern life it’s so easy to feel stressed…. but what exactly is stress? Stress is a modern, widely used buzzword that’s used to describe the pressure of modern day, leaving people unable to cope.  This festival is like no other and promises to leave visitors feeling relaxed, pampered and give them all the tools they will need to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

We may live in a world that has more appliances and technology to make for a more comfortable life than previous generations – but does that mean we have better and more fulfilling lifestyles?  In today’s busy world where more of us have to work in demanding jobs as well as raising a family we have very little time left over for ourselves and when we do find time, we feel guilty about enjoying some ‘me’ time and this undoubtedly plays havoc with our well-being. The Mind, Body & Soul Festival will give visitors an opportunity to come along to find out ways in which to nourish their mind, body and soul.

There is already a wealth of exhibitors and activities planned for the event such as massage therapy, crystal healing, tarot readings, psychic readings and many many more wonderful exhibitors that you can find more about here.

Well behaved dogs are welcome to the festival only. They are unable to enter the BIG Sheep attraction.

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NEW for this year’s Mind Body and Soul Festival

Psychic Show with international medium Ricky Whitemore

Sunday 28th April 2019

5.30pm – BIG Sheep Show Arena

Ricky Whitemore is a third-generation International medium following in the footstep of his grandfather and mother, having seen spirit people from a very young age.  Ricky has many years’ experience of passing on messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

Ricky has worked in Denmark, Germany and Spain plus given radio interviews for countries around the world. Ricky is currently president of Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church.

All Ricky’s popular spiritual medium shows receive a host of positive testimonials so early booking is advised: book your space here

Weekend Workshops

To book in advance and secure a space please use the contacts below.  You can also book for the talks, demonstrations or workshops on the day of your visit.  All you need to do is register for each one you would like to attend when you arrive at the Festival with the exhibitor.

Saturday 27th April

10.15 am to 11.00am

The Learner Tarot – Neshla Avey

This workshop will introduce you to the learner tarot cards Neshla has designed and show how easy it is to work with them. An online course is available should you wish to learn more.

Cost – Free

To book in advance email: [email protected]

11.15am to 12 noon

Crystals for Children – DanRox

In this workshop children with get to learn about different crystals that can help them in their day to day lives – the workshop is designed for both parents and children to attend.

Cost – Free

To book in advance email: [email protected]

12.15pm to 1pm

An introduction to Psychic Art – Penelope Jones

Penelope Jones from Aurbic paints images for her sitters which represents the essence of their guide or loved one and gives a reading using her own personal deck which she created from her art.  Join Penelope for a meditative journey and explore the wonders of psychic art.

Cost – £3 to include materials

To book in advance email: [email protected]

1.15pm to 1.45pm

The Journey into the Ocean Meditation – Linda Joyce

During this experience of going below the surface of the sea you will encounter various sea beings some of whom will journey with you, some will leave you to explore in your own way on whatever you wish to explore within the depths of the ocean.  You may meet with your very own mermaid/merman guide, or maybe you will climb on to the back of a turtle or even talk with a dolphin, whatever this journey means for you and to you is what you will experience on this amazing Ocean Energy Guided Meditation.

Cost – £3

To book in advance email: [email protected]

2.00pm to 2.45pm

The Angelic Healing Temples – Mary Earl

A beautiful, peaceful visualisation journey to the Angelic Healing Temples – lie on a crystal bed and receive angelic healing and blessings.

Cost – £5

To book in advance email: [email protected]

3pm to 3.30pm

A Whispering Trees Meditation – Nicola Burns

Nicola Burns from Whispering Trees Therapies will lead a ‘nature’ based mediation to help you relax, focus and enjoy all the peacefulness that can be experienced by switching off from everyday life.

Cost – Free

To book in advance email: [email protected]

3.45pm to 4.15pm

All You Need is Love: A Heart Chakra Crystal Workshop

In this workshop, we will work with different crystals that can help bring the Heart Chakra into balance. The Heart Chakra colours our lives with compassion, love and beauty.

Cost – Free, but crystals are available to purchase after workshop completion

To book in advance email: [email protected]

Sunday 28th April

10.15am to 11pm

Mind Calm Meditation – Josie Trulove

The Mind CALM meditation technique is simple, fun to learn, can be used anywhere with your eyes open or closed.

Providing practical techniques to help you let go of the constant chatter in your mind, to go from stress to serenity.

Josie introduce you some of the life changing insights that sit at the heart of this unique and enjoyable way of meditation.

Learn the simple 3 step Mind Calm Meditation technique and experience the benefits possible from Mind Calm as I guide you through one of the powerful meditation techniques.

Come along to find out how you can enjoy Mind CALM in minutes!

Cost – £5

To book in advance email: [email protected]

11.15pm to 12.15pm

Animal Communication & Healing – Maureen Rolls

Maureen will talk about her life experiences of how Animal Communication & Healing has change thousands of animals lives, and turning around animals behavioural issues, some that were sentence to death if they failed to listen to what I had to tell them, and why to stop this behaviour? also animals that the vets have treated and not been able to resolve their health issues , when I have helped them release the trauma energy that they are hanging on to, I listen to their problems/issues to help and speed their recovery, so many more enlightening experiences of helping animals, domestic and wild animals also sea mammals as well. Working with Archangels and how they help me with Healing and communication.

Cost – Free

To book in advance email: [email protected]

1.30pm to 2.15pm

Tapping as a Self-Help Tool for Managing Stress – Karen Thomas from Golden Oak Therapies

Learn how to use this highly effective and gentle technique to bring down stress levels.  This workshop will introduce you to Tapping, how it works, where to tap and when to use it.  It will be an interactive workshop to enable you to understand the full benefit of using this technique.

Cost – £5

To book in advance email: [email protected]

2.30pm to 3.15pm

Ultra-gentle Hatha Yoga – Arwen Raddon (Santosha Healing)

Come along and try out some ultra-gentle Yoga moves that help improve flexibility and promote relaxation. No experience needed: aimed at beginners and those working on their flexibility. Bring a Yoga or exercise mat for your comfort. Chairs can be used by those with more limited mobility.

Cost – £3

To book in advance email: [email protected]


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