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North Devon Mind, Body and Soul Festival (21st Apr - 22nd Apr)

North Devon’s Mind, Body & Soul Festival

Tickets will be on sale in January 2018

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd April 2018

North Devon’s third Mind, Body & Soul Festival will take place at The BIG Sheep family attraction in Bideford on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April.  With all the pressures of modern life it’s so easy to feel stressed…. but what exactly is stress? Stress is a modern, widely used buzzword that’s used to describe the pressure of modern day, leaving people unable to cope.  This new festival will be like no other and promises to leave visitors feeling relaxed, pampered and give them all the tools they will need to lead happier and more fulfilled lives

We may live in a world that has more appliances and technology to make for a more comfortable life than previous generations – but does that mean we have better and more fulfilling lifestyles?  In today’s busy world where more of us have to work in demanding jobs as well as raising a family we have very little time left over for ourselves and when we do find time, we feel guilty about enjoying some ‘me’ time and this undoubtedly plays havoc with our well-being. The Mind, Body & Soul Festival which is sponsored by will give visitors an opportunity to come along to find out ways in which to nourish their mind, body and soul.

There is already a wealth of exhibitors and activities planned for the event including yoga, tai chi, allergy testing, beauty treatments, relationship and personal life coaching, healing, pilates, holistic therapies, massage, physics, prayer and much more.

If you'd like to be part of the festival please contact Nicola:


1 day visit to festival (Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd April) - £5 each
1 day visit to festival and BIG Sheep - £10 each

Confirmed Exhibitors:

aYa Headz of Dreadz
Amethyst Wave Therapies
Arbonne International
Avalon Aura Photography
Avey Physic readings
Kim Therapys
Rays Mediumship
Bideford Centre of Light
Earle Clairvoyant
Fusion Tarot
Marbles and Stones
Mandeja Heavenly
Willow Tree Holistics
Margaret Copp
County Chiropractic
Celia Estella
Sacred Hut
Devon School of Reiki
Amy Hinks Wright
Cornish Crystal Cavern
Earth & Heaven
Holistic Gateway
Ocean Energy Healing
North Devon Tai Chi/Tui Na
Touched by Tarot
Dan Rox Crystals
Karen Pryce Clairvoyant
Hayley Raistrick-Episkopos
Angel & Animal Communication & Healting
Amethyst Wave Therapies
Eternal Light Healing Sessions
Cheryl Shepherd
The River Rooms
Red Oak Coaching
Renaissance Holistic
Sound Therapist
Helping2Heal Limited
Wildfields Clinic of Pathogenics
The Forever Effect
Avalon Aura Photography
Terry and Fared Reiki Master
The Professional Alternative
Daisy May Sprays

North Devon Mind, Body and Soul Festival


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