Sheep Dog Trials and Training


Sheep Dog Trials

Daily show at 1.30pm*

Watch one man and his dog and the challenge of a flock of unpredictable sheep at the daily sheep dog trials at the BIG Sheep.

Learn how we train our border collie dogs and see how well they respond to command from the shepherds and manoeuvre the sheep through different gateways and into holding pens.

In competitions, there is a time limit allowed for the dogs to perform a number of tasks and then the judges mark the dogs ability to listen and the handlers ability to control.  At The BIG Sheep our visitors enjoy the shepherds entertaining demonstration where there are no set rules for judges and literally anything could happen.

*Shows run from April - October only


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What they say

The BIG Sheep is the best all weather family adventure park in the area - Time Out

We had a fantastic action filled day at The BIG Sheep and saw some very bizarre things, from cool mountain boarding to racing sheep! - BBC Blue Peter

Baa-rilliant day out! They promise you that The Big Sheep is the highlight of any trip to North Devon and they're not wrong. TripAdvisor Review

Age 8-57 had a fab time! One of the best theme parks we have ever been to - Loads to do! Lots of fun animals shows - made us laugh!

A lot more fun than Ascot - Michael Burke BBC National News